Greeting from Jumonji Junior & Senior High School

Jumonji was founded in 1922 with a strong desire to provide educational opportunities for women who wanted to learn. In an era when it was difficult for women to receive an education, aspiring women came to our gates with a passion for learning. However, after about 100 years, as history has changed significantly, so have children's views on learning. We are in an era where things and information are overflowing and given undesirably, while even education is given excessively. As a result, learners' attitudes have become passive, and it has become increasingly difficult to "think, judge, and act on their own;" which used to be a natural practice.

In an era when mass production was required due to high economic growth, there was a need for people who could adhere to manuals, emphasize efficiency, and act systematically. At that time, unique and bright people were not very welcomed. However, in the chaotic and uncertain era called the VUCA era, like in recent years, creativity and determination are required, along with people with flexible and original ideas. A.I. has replaced the work done according to manuals, so now this is the time when we need for people to think, judge, and act on their own.

History repeats itself. It rises to another level and repeats. Just as there used to be a time when people were hungry for learning, the time will come again when everyone wants to learn independently. Of course, instead of waiting for that time, schools need to lead that era. The education that we aim at is an education that stimulates and draws out the feelings that human beings originally have instinctively, to "want to learn." Jumonji develops the independence of students and gives them the ability to lead an uncertain society on their own.

Koji Yokoo, Principal of Jumonji Junior & Senior High School