History of Jumonji Educational Foundation

Successive Chairpersons of the Board of Directors

First Chairperson
Koto Jumonji
March 1951 - May 1955

Second Chairperson
Yoshiko Jumonji
June 1955 - May 1987

Third Chairperson
Kazuo Jumonji
May 1987 - present

Walking with women, creating a new age

In 2012 Jumonji Gakuen celebrated the 90th anniversary of its founding.
We have been committed to creating desirable environments suited to the times in terms of education, studies, lifestyle, career options, etc. in order to meet wise women's aspiration for self-reliance.

School Philosophy, School Song,

Live as a person with the purpose of contributing to society, by training ourselves academically and physically.

In 1922, Jumonji Gakuen was founded in Sugamo, Tokyo by Koto Jumonji, who had a strong desire to establish a private school so as to allow as many women as possible to receive education, in cooperation with friends from Tokyo Women's Higher Normal School.
Our school philosophy if reflected in the words of our school song "Live as a person with the purpose of contributing to society, by training ourselves academically and physically."
The spirit of our founders who worked in the hope of fostering women who can independently do good for society and pursue their own purposes in life, has been handed down through generations to the present time with this school song.
While maintaining the spirit and lifestyle to "keep training oneself", we will aim to achieve Jumonji's unique education of women, flexibility responding to changes in the society.


1922Established Bunka Girls' High School
(Founders Koto Jumonji, Michie Tono, Yasu Shiba)
[Sugamo, Toshima-ku Tokyo]
Adding Jikyo-Jutsu exercise to daily routine
1930Establishment of Bunka Girls' High School
Kindergarten was approved
[Sugamo, Toshima-ku Tokyo]
1937chool name changed to Jumonji Girls' High School
1947Established Jumonji Junior High School
[Sugamo, Toshima-ku Tokyo]
1948Established Jumonji Senior High School
[Sugamo, Toshima-ku Tokyo]
1951The school organizationally changed to Education Foundation Jumonji Gakuen
1966Established Jumonji Junior College
[Niiza-shi Saitama]
2002Established Faculty of Human Life
2010Established Graduate School
[Niiza-shi Saitama]
2011Renewed Faculty of Human Life, University
2012-2014Construction of a new building for Junior and Senior High School.

Junior and Senior High School

The junior and senior high school years are the period when young people grow the most. Jumonji Gakuen regards this period as a continuous stage and offers students integrated education and guidance. A wide variety of programs are offered so that students may acquire not only solid basic education, but also the ability to apply knowledge creatively. For efficient learning, small classes are organized in some junior and senior high school subjects. Jumonji Gakuen's education is characterized by the encouragement of good language usage and expression as well as improvement of general scholastic ability.