Weekend trip to Nikko

Hello everyone, have you been enjoying the start of autumn? I’m pretty happy that the summer heat and humidity is finally cooling down a bit.

I recently went on a weekend trip to Nikko with some of my friends. It’s not quite autumn leaf season yet so it wasn’t too crowded, but it was still very beautiful.

I met up in Tokyo with my friends in the morning, and we took the train to Nikko together. By the time we got there we were very hungry, so we found some snacks and walked to the Toshogu Shrine where we spent an hour or so looking at the beautiful and very unique buildings. My friend from New Zealand really wanted to buy an omamori, so we spent a long time trying to choose one in the shrine shop.

After seeing the Toshogu shrine, it was time to choose somewhere to eat for dinner. We all wanted to try the most famous local food, so we choose a restaurant that made really delicious fresh yuba.

The next day, after some breakfast and coffee, we caught the bus to Kegon waterfall and walked around Chuzenji lake. It was a really beautiful sunny day and the lake looked amazing! I’m sure it looks even more beautiful when the leaves are all orange!

After our walk, we were quite tired, so we all had a nap on the train back to Tokyo. It was a really fun weekend with my friends!

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