Self-Introduction by Kayla

Hello. My name is Kayla Chen. I work at Jumonji Junior and Senior High School as an ALT (Alternate language teacher) through the JET Program. Before moving to Japan, I lived in Sydney, Australia. I studied Japanese and Japanese culture all through high school and university before going on the program, and am still intrigued every day by the customs and lifestyle I experience here. I enjoy sharing my culture and language with the students, as well as learning Japanese culture from the students and teachers themselves. I’m so lucky to be a part of Jumonji and hope to encourage a positive outlook on how students view other cultures and languages. Other than co-teaching with the native English-speaking teachers in English conversational classes, I’m involved with weekly English classes with Jumonji staff, the English club, speech contests, the Jumonji Global Educational Center and a bi-monthly English newsletter with Grace. The newsletter – Jumonji Diaries – is where we share our experiences of Japan as well as our own cultures. I think of Jumonji as a place where I am never judged for who I am or where I come from, and happy to be a part of this positive and welcoming network whilst living in Japan.

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