Self-Introduction by Grace

Hello everybody, my name is Grace and I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand. My house in NZ is next to the beach, so I love swimming! I have 2 brothers, one sister and 2 dogs in New Zealand. I have lived in Japan for nearly 2 years and have been enjoying learning about Japanese culture and learning the language.
In my free time I enjoy reading, going to art galleries and hanging out with friends. I have a lot of friends in Tokyo who are learning either English or Japanese, so we often meet up and go to a café together so that we can help each other study.
At Jumonji I attend the eikaiwa classes as an assistant teacher. Because there are 2 native English speaking teachers in each eikaiwa class, the students are able to get more attention and have more practice speaking English in a natural environment than they otherwise would. I always enjoy helping the students practice their speaking and learning more about them as individuals. Even when the students feel shy or scared to speak in a foreign language, I try to encourage them to try their best to communicate, and help them enjoy expressing their thoughts.

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