School trip to Lake Kawaguchiko

I was fortunate enough to be invited to join a school overnight trip with the first years from junior high. The purpose of the trip was for students to bond and make friends with their new classmates. The teachers had prepared many fun team-building activities such as making curry and rice from scratch! They had asked me to prepare an English activity for the students as well, which I thought was an excellent way to learn about their new friends and English. Keeping the students English levels and abilities in mind, I decided to create an activity that focused on conversational English and one that was short and simple so that anyone could easily participate in. I asked the students to talk to as many of their peers as possible, and saw many agreeing and surprised faces from the information they had just learnt. Some were shy and quiet, but soon warmed up when they were approached by their peers. At the end of the activity, not only had the students learnt new things about their new friends, but as a teacher, I got to learn more about the students’ likes and dislikes, and their personalities. This trip was a wonderful and memorable experience for me, and I look forward seeing the students’ enthusiasm in class.

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