Robbie’s Winter Break

For my winter vacation I went to Maui, Hawaii! My family wanted to meet for Christmas, but since Canada is very cold in winter we decided to meet in Hawaii. My family went from Canada and I went from here in Japan. I left on December 24th and returned on January 2nd. We stayed at a resort in the small town of Kaanapali. The weather was perfect every single day: around 25 degrees and not too humid! We did many exciting things such as zip-lining, snorkelling, and surfing. It was my first time surfing, but I was able to stand up many times! Our teacher was very good. We also ate a lot of delicious food. The most delicious was at a restaurant called Mama’s Fish House. It was REALLY expensive, but so yummy!! On my way back to Japan I stayed at a hostel near Waikiki Beach for one night. There I met some new friends and we watched the New Year’s Fireworks together.
It was a really great trip, but when I returned to Japan I caught influenza type B. I was sick at home for one week, so I wasn’t able to go to Aichi to watch my students play Futsal. I was very sad, but they won the tournament, so that’s good. Good job, girls!

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