Robbie’s Spring Break

Hanami picnic with my friends Erin (middle) and Aden (right) along the Arakawa River!
There were many seagulls.
This was taken in Ueno Park. I like how it is both white and pink.
Roots covered in Sakura pedals.
A nice lamp surrounded by Sakura blossoms.

I didn’t go anywhere special during my spring break, I stayed in Kanto. I had many hanami picnics with my friends, though! One day I went to Nishi Urawa with my friends Erin and Aden. We ate lunch next to Aya Lake, and then walked along the river to Todakoen Station. A few days later I went to Ueno with another friend. There were so many people! We saw some nice sights, such as a Sakura bonsai display. The Sakura were in full bloom, so it was very beautiful.

The weather was so nice every day! I really love spring here. I wish summer could be like this. Summer in western Canada is quite similar to spring in Kanto, so if you want to escape the humid summer weather in Japan you should visit the Vancouver area in July or August!

What did you do for spring break? Come to the 中学校職員室 and tell me about it! ^-^

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