Middle School Trip

I had an amazing time this month travelling with the Jr High School third year students to Nara and Kyoto. We stayed in a traditional ryokan in Nara for one night, and then spent 2 nights in a brand new hotel in Kyoto.

In Nara, we visited lots of temples, including, of course the Daibutsu. I was so impressed with how big it was! After seeing the Daibutsu, we had some time to play with and feed the deer roaming freely around Nara. They were very cute, but a lot of students were terrified of them – there was a lot of screaming when the students were feeding them!

On the second day we travelled to Kyoto together and spent a wonderful 2 and a half days exploring the city, learning about the history and of course eating the area’s amazing cuisine. Highlights included seeing the autumn leaf illumination and Koto concert at Shorenin Temple, visiting the soothing garden at Sanzenin Temple, buying the delicious omiyage that you can only get in Kyoto, and of course having a chance to chat with, and get to know the students even better. I’m sure everyone made lots of great memories on the trip, I certainly will never forget it!

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