Kayla’s Winter break

Hope you all had a lovely and refreshed winter break, and are ready to tackle on term 3! I was really lucky to visit my friends and family back in Sydney for two weeks. It went by so quickly, but I have made such great memories.

In Australia, it is summer right now, so we had a mildly warm Christmas and New Year. For Christmas dinner, we bought freshly caught seafood from the Sydney Fish Market, as well as freshly baked sourdough, cheese, pickles and cured meats. During the New Year, I had a very calm and peaceful one, doing a 1000 piece puzzle, watching the Sydney fireworks, skin pampering with clay masks and steams, and of course, lots of cheese paired with fruit and condiments.

I caught up and had dinner with my high school friends who all are doing the things they love. We talked about future goals and dreams, which motivated me to go for my future dream job. My friends are always encouraging and I’m so grateful to have made such inspiring friends during high school.

I spent as much time as I could playing with my cat, Colin. He was a bit scared of me at first, but quickly remembered me. I bought him a very popular Japanese snack for cats called ‘Ciao Churu’, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

On my last day, I celebrated my birthday with my two sisters since our birthdays are in January. It was the first time in 3 years for us to celebrate our birthdays together and it was great fun!

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