Jumonji Sports Day 2017

Basketball game
Second years checking the Sports Day schedule
Second years versus First years in dodgeball

Sports Day this year was a very memorable day for many students and teachers, myself included. The sports played this year were soccer, basketball, dodgeball and tug-o-war, between teams from first and second year junior high and first year senior high.

I enjoyed watching the basketball games. Some students were really good at dribbling and shooting the ball into the hoop in one go! But I personally enjoyed watching the tug-o-war matches the most! They ended very fast, but required a lot of strength, balance and teamwork to win. As soon as the rope was pulled from both sides, the entire room was filled with lots of cheering and screaming.

At the end of the day, there was a match between the first and second year junior highs in dodgeball and tug-o-war. It must’ve been the nimble legs of the first years, as they won against the second years in dodgeball. The tug-o-war match was very intense and a nail-biting match but in the end, the second years won against the first years.

Even though I didn’t participate in any of the games myself, I had fun cheering each team on and hope everyone had a good rest when they went home. I loved seeing everyone cheering and supporting their classmates during the matches.

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