Hello! I’m Alex

Hi! My name is Alex! I am from Toronto, Canada.

I like to draw pictures, travel, listen to music, and read books. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, looking at wildlife, and going to cafes. My favourite animals are rabbits, and my favourite colour is pink. In Canada, my favourite food is my mom’s chicken and dumpling stew. In Japan, my favourite food is udon and shrimp tempura.


Canada is a very big country. It is about 24 times the size of Japan, but Japan has about 90.8 million more people! Have you ever been to Canada? There are many forests, mountains, and lakes. British Colombia is the closest province to Japan. I am from a city called Toronto. Toronto is in the province of Ontario, which is in the centre of the country. People from all over the world live in Toronto. In Canada, English and French are the two official languages. However, about 200 different languages are spoken in Toronto! Some languages include Cantonese, Mandrin, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Korean, Tamil, Urdu, Polish, Somali, Arabic, Panjabi, and Vietnamese. I came from a neighbourhood called Little Portugal, so a lot of my neighbours spoke Portuguese! A famous food from Little Portugal are Portuguese custard tarts (pastéis de nata). This is what they look like:


I really love Japan and living in Tokyo makes me very happy! Tokyo has so many things to do!


See you next time!

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