Hello from Barbados!

Hello! I’m Sol! I’m a new Assistant Language Teacher from Barbados. Barbados is pretty far from Japan, practically on the other side of the world! So, I’ve come quite a long way to get here. I like philosophy and learning languages. In my free time, I enjoy watching series and reading books. I hope to learn more about Japanese culture and let others know about Barbados!

Barbados is a tiny island in the southern part of the Caribbean. The Caribbean is close to the United States of America and South America. Barbados is very small and can actually fit into Japan 879 times! Barbados is only 166 sqmi!! In Barbados, we speak our very own dialect of English and in schools we usually learn Spanish or French. Barbados is very sunny and has lots of beautiful beaches. Barbados does not have 4 seasons like Japan, so this is my first winter! I am very excited to see snow!! Nice to meet you!

The flag of Barbados! Blue represents the sea, gold represents the sand and the broken trident represents our break from Britain.
Barbados on the map!
Map of Barbados
Barbados from above! It's shaped like a pear!!
One of our beautiful beaches
A beautiful beach in the countryside
This is Bridgetown, the capital. Our architecture is old British architecture, and like the name suggests the city is full of bridges.
If you go to the capital, you will see a lot of boats. The bridges exist to allow the boats to pass through.
This is also the capital. I had a giant clock tower like that in my old highschool! The sound of the bell was soothing.
In the capital, you can walk along the boardwalk and look at the beautiful ocean. Our ocean is clean and full of interesting wildlife.
Another city in Barbados.
A famous colonial house of old British Architecture that you can see in Barbados.
This is the Garrison. A popular place to visit in Barbados.
Horseracing is very popular in Barbados. You can go to the Garrison to watch it in March!
Cannons at the Garrison
Folktale characters at a parade. We have many festivals.
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