Do you know about Halloween? Maybe you have heard a little about it. I’m from Canada, where Halloween is very popular, but it actually started in the UK! At first it was called “Samhain” and was at a time of year similar to Obon, when ghosts appeared. People wore scary costumes to keep the ghosts away. Halloween has changed since then. Now, every year on October 31st many people dress up in costumes for fun. During the day most schools have Halloween parties. Students and teachers put on costumes, watch scary movies, and eat candy. Then, in the evening, children walk around their neighbourhoods to get more sweets! They knock on peoples’ houses and say “Trick or Treat!” Then people give them candy or chocolate.
This year I dressed up as Waluigi from Super Mario Bros. I chose him because we have a similar body shape. I made the costume by myself. I even sewed the hat from scratch without a pattern! In AP English class we had a small Halloween party. The AP girls brought in costumes, too. Three of them put on simple Disney things, such as Mickey ears and gloves, and the other girl wore a Harry Potter costume. I was really fun!

I don’t know why the picture is sideways….

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