Building A Computer

My previous PC (personal computer) was getting pretty old, I bought it eight years ago, so I thought it was about time for an upgrade. These are the parts which I bought.
If you didn't know, a PC is made up of a number of main pieces: The motherboard, CPU (central processing unit), GPU (graphics processing unit), PSU (power supply unit), RAM (random access memory), and SSD (solid state drive). I bought the motherboard and CPU used from Dospara. :)
First I started by seating the CPU in the motherboard. There are two main CPU companies, Intel and AMD. This is my first AMD computer.
Next I put my PSU into my computer case. I went with an SSF (small form factor) case, which is much smaller than normal cases
Computer parts can get really hot, but that isnt good for them, so its important to keep them cool.
Everything is coming together pretty well! The CPU cooler just barely fits in my small case.
New computers use special SSDs called NVME M.2 drives. They are very small, but very fast. So fast, in fact, that they heat up a lot under heavy use. I bought a copper heat sink for my SSD to keep it happy.
A small point, but I cannot stress enough how useful zip-ties are for keeping wires neat and organised.
At this point is a good idea to test your computer to make sure everything is working correctly. I plugged in my RAM and GPU, then installed Windows. It worked perfectly!
For additional storage I added in two SSDs from my old computer. There are convenient places for them at the front!
My case came with these very convenient knobs which screw into the SSDs and plug into rubber gromits on the case.
The one of the right is actually an HDD (hard disk drive). It's pretty old, but still works fine! I'll replace it in the future.
The final step is to put in case fans. It's important to keep fresh air flowing through the case, so I put two on the bottom as intake...
... and two more at the top as exhaust because hot air rises. These plugged into rubber gromits just like the drives at the front did!
Everything is hooked up and ready to go!
My finished PC next to my old one. As you can see, it's significantly smaller. My guess would be 40% the total volume. I didn't find it particularly difficult to put together, so if you're interested in PCs you should try to build one, too!
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