Australia Homestay, March 2019

Every year I go with Junior 3 students to Brisbane, Australia, to escort them on a homestay where they experience everyday Australian life.  They live with an Australian family for 10 days, and go to Australian schools for one week.  At school, they are paired up with a local student, a “buddy,” and together they go to normal classes, eat lunch, and have a good time.

Brisbane is a really great city, with safe and clean suburbs.  It is also close to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, containing some of Australia’s most famous beaches.  On the first Sunday, everyone visits Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary together, but on the following weekend, everyone has free time to experience a bit of the greater Brisbane area with their host families.  We teachers often have a little bit of time to relax as well. 🙂

At Ferny Grove State High School, there are many interesting lessons.  The school is famous in Brisbane for its agricultural programme.

We learned about honey...
...and how to re-pot plants.
We also learned about many different kinds of Australian animals.

Brisbane is quite a nice city, and the Gold Coast has beautiful and clean ocean water.

A really interesting building in downtown Brisbane.
A pool in downtown Brisbane. One side is a fake beach, and the other side is a pool! It was very interesting.
The most beautiful view I experienced in Australia. It's a perfect beach.
I really love the colour of the ocean in this picture.
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