AP English Class (Advanced Placement English Class)

In Jumoni Gakuen’s AP (Advanced Placement) English, students do a variety of higher-level activities in addition to the standard English curriculum at Jumonji. Some examples are discussions, debates, essay writing, and EIKEN practice. Students do both reading comprehension and current event presentations once a week. We also do a lot of fun activities such as singing English songs, playing games related to the material we are covering, and watching and then discussing English TV shows and movies.

Students are required to speak exclusively English inside of class, and are encouraged to think independently and critically. Members of the AP English class are also prepared for and advised to take part in various competitions in Japan, such as Japan English Model United Nations and The World Scholar’s Cup Japan.

The ultimate goal of Jumonji’s AP English class is to prepare students for a global future, whether that means attending an overseas university, working for an international company, or pursuing a career in international relations.

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