2017 English Winter Holiday Course

On the last day of the English Winter holiday course, the students were treated to a lesson in the home economic cooking rooms. Today’s lesson was making strawberry Santa Clauses whilst following a recipe in English. For the first years, this was their first time in the cooking rooms, so it was an especially exciting lesson for them.

The first step was to prepare the whipped cream – sugar, heavy cream and vanilla essence. It took a while for the cream to thicken, but everyone waited patiently. Once the creamed had been whipped, it was time to move on to preparing the main body of the strawberry Santa Clauses. While two students from each group placed the whipped cream into the piping bag, the rest of the group members worked on washing and cutting the strawberries.

Strawberries are a seasonal fruit in Japan during winter and are unbelievably sweet. Since it was still the beginning of the season, some strawberries weren’t quite the usual strawberry shape, but everyone made the most of what was given and it still tasted great.

When it came to assembling Santa, for the majority, it was simply piping the whipped cream onto the strawberry pieces and adding two chocolate chips as eyes. Lactose intolerant students replaced the cream with marshmallows and coconut flakes, which was just as delicious.

Last but not least, everyone sat down and snacked on their strawberry Santa Clauses. Everyone really enjoyed learning English in a different environment, and we’re glad to have shared a bit of this festive season with the students, and could not have ended the school term any better.

We hope everyone has a safe and healthy winter break!

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