Jumonji English Education

Well-developed Overseas Training Programs

Jumonji has some overseas training programs after JHS 3rd grade, as till then we think the students can obtain the basic English ability. We expect the student to practice their English in the English-speaking countries and also experience many things such as different cultural habits, which allows them to acquire the basic skills required to play active roles across the world in the future.


  • Program in Australia participants: JHS 3rd grade student ⁄ for two weeks
    オーストラリア海外研修プログラム 対象:中学3年生・期間:約2週間
  • Program in Colorado, U.S. Participants: between JHS 3rd and SHS 2nd grade students ⁄ for three weeks
    アメリカ(コロラド)海外研修プログラム  対象:中学3年生~高校2年生・期間:約3週間
  • Short-term study program in Australia Participant: SHS students ⁄ for three months
    オーストラリア短期留学制度  対象:高校生・期間:約3ヶ月
  • Lon-term study program in Australia Participants: SHS students ⁄ for one year
    オーストラリア長期留学制度  対象:高校生・期間:約1年間

Assistance by Native English Teachers

Jumonji has three native English teachers (one of them is the school’s directly-hired) and two assistant native teachers from the JET program. They are all full-time. Whenever the students want to speak in English, they can visit the teachers’ rooms and see them.
The school also accepts some students from overseas. And, there are many opportunities when the Japanese students communicate with them.
In our JHS, one native teacher belongs to each grade. The native teachers assist the Japanese HR teachers, go to the field and school trips together with the students and join the club activities. So the students are able to learn the “practical English” outside the classroom, too!


Advanced Placement English

Advanced Placement English Class!

Jumonji has the Advanced Placement English Class for those who entered the school with the special entrance exam (in the intensive English test/level: between the STEP 3rd and pre-2nd grades), taught by the school’s directly-hired English teacher (four lessons per week). The class uses the materials such as Textbook “NEW TREASURE” published by the Z-Kai group and some others used in the U.S. high schools, in order to train the three thinking abilities such as logical, critical and creative, through practices of presentation, discussion and essay-writing. By the time of graduation, the students are expected to make a clear expression of their own ideas and thoughts in English. And, the graduates will go to the universities abroad or the internationally-famous universities in Japan (e.g. ICU, APU, Keio, Waseda, Sophia and high-level national or public universities).

レベルに応じた教材(教科書NEW TREASUREやアメリカの現地校で使われている教材)を使用しながら、3つの思考力(論理的思考・批判的思考・創造的思考)を鍛えつつ、プレゼンテーション・ディスカッション・エッセイライティングを通して”発信力”養い、卒業後は海外大学や国内の国際的知名度の高い大学(例:ICU、APU、早慶上智、難関国公立)への進学を目指します。

Variety of e-learning menus

We have introduced some e-learning programs such ones for the STEP, conversation and reading.
Utilizing the ICT, we try to foster the students’ English abilities from many perspectives. We use them in class and as homework, too. They are also very useful for those who want to study intensively beyond assignment.


Respect Individual Level

Our Japanese teachers are also very competent! They are eager to research trends of the external and university entrance exams and exchange the information as well as the teaching methods among the colleagues, in order to give a clear guidance to each student. They are of course always welcome to have questions from the students.


If you need some information about the entrance examination for Jumonji, please check here.

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