About Global Education Center

Greetings from Mr.Takase
(Global Education Center representative)

Jumonji Global Education Center (JGEC) intends to introduce what Jumonji Junior and Senior High School is undertaking to produce quality graduates who can play active roles across the world in the future, including the English education.

For instance, we always remind our students of the following three points:

  1. Draw your own dreams and future on the map of the world.
  2. Learn to be accepting of different cultures and traditions.
  3. Acquire the English ability as a global communication tool.

At Jumonji, we have various cooperative learning opportunities for the students, starting from junior high and onwards. Through their years at Jumonji, they learn that the world is not limited to the same morals and values, and that everyone holds them differently to one another. In psychology, this idea is referred to as ‘self-awareness’. Moreover, we think English not only as one subject, but as a practical tool to communicate with non-Japanese speakers, and so adopt a variety of methods to allow the students to have a good command of English. With all just mentioned as our foundation, we encourage the students to work together with open hearts and minds, which is the ‘global education’ we aim at Jumonji.

Lastly, let me announce that the JGEC’s website features information on past and current activities students are involved in, such as foreign language studies and student exchange programs, as well as the English education related classes and events. Blogs written by our JET (Programme) language teachers are also featured on the website. We hope you enjoy it.

Kindest regards, Takase

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